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How It Works

All packages include full care (stall, bedding, feed, and general care) for your horse, personalized recovery plans (coordinated with your veterinarian), and regular updates on your horse's progress.

Each horse's plan is customized to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Whether your horse just needs a little relaxation time at the farm, intensive injury rehabilitation, or time to transition after a hospital stay, we've got you covered.

Services Include (But are not limited to):

Post Hospital/Operative Care 


    -Wound and Suture Care

    -Medication Management

Various Turn Out Options

    -Stall Rest

    -Round Pen Turnout

    -Individual or Group Turn out

Controlled Exercise



    -Conditioning Under Saddle

Onsite Therapy Options

    -Vibration Plate


    -Beamer Blanket


AquaTread Coming Soon!

Additional Therapies provided by CORE Therapies:

- Chiropractic Care
- Acupuncture Treatments
- PEMF Therapy
- Laser Therapy
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What Our Clients Say:
Lindsey Reynolds

Assistant Trainer for Ortiz Racing Stable
"AppleRidge Farm is one of my top choices when deciding where to send a horse for layup/rehab.  AppleRidge provides top notch veterinary care and also offers a multitude of therapeutic options. I received frequent updates on each horses recovery, which allows me to easily plan when horses will return to the stable to resume regular training."
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