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AppleRidge Farm


Every corner of the farm is designed with the horse in mind.  In the barns you'll find spacious, well-bedded stalls. The purpose-built shed row is designed to facilitate hand-walking and work under saddle.

Turn out options include grass and sand round pens for horses on restricted turn out, and paddocks for those further along in recovery.

The farm also utilizes a 6 horse EquiGym for horses needing increased conditioning. For horses under tack, the 2 outdoor arenas and winding paddock alleyways allow ample space for productive work and hacks.


                                               Provided by: CORE Therapies & AppleRidge

Larkspur Carroll DVM provides chiropractic care to a horse



Chiropractic care uses bio mechanics, neurology, and physiological responses to identify and address patterns of use/compensations through out the body. Benefits include combat fatigue, helps identify asymmetric patterns before an overt lameness and improved performance.

For Equine athletes, it's an integral therapy that improves their range of motion, elevate horse's performance/efficiencies, and address any patterns of lameness.​​

Dr. Carroll's diverse roster of clients includes some of the top equine athletes in racing, dressage, show jumping, and eventing. She is often praised for her intuitive, patient approach to chiropractic care. 

Dr. Larkspur Carroll provides e-stem therapy to a horse



Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that is based on the idea that living organisms contain a road map of energy conduits, called meridians or channels. These meridians carry energy to and from every body system. Interference or interruption in that energy flow can disrupt normal body functions.


Acupuncture treatments involve the stimulation of specific points, with thin needles, laser, or pressure, along the affected channels to reopen "blocked" energy flow and reestablish normal function. Herbal supplements are often used in conjunction in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Often used in conjunction with chiropractic services, CORE Therapies uses acupuncture to help identify and address patterns of dysfunction within the horse's body.  Doing so can help improve comfort overall, enhance well-being, and encourage better performance.

PEMF machine is used at Core Therapies



PEMF stands for "Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field" Therapy. A PEMF device creates a focused magnetic field, which promotes health at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism.


This helps to increase blood flow to the area and increases the permeability of the cell wall. In doing so, nutrients and oxygen are readily absorbed, and proteins more efficiently metabolized for use within the cell and surrounding tissue.

This means that damaging toxins and cellular waste can exit the cell more efficiently, reducing pain and inflammation and encouraging healing. PEMF Therapy optimizes cell function and enhances the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Laser Therapy is provided by Core THerapies

Class IV Laser


Laser Therapy integrates biology and physics to accelerate healing at the cellular level. It is proven to encourage cellular regeneration, and improve blood flow to injured tissues.

CORE Therapies has a Class IV laser, which can be used to promote healing of external wounds, internal soft tissue injuries, or to stimulate acupuncture points for horses that are less tolerant of needles.


The laser treatments are tailored to the specific injury being treated; duration, light wave frequency/amplitude, and number of sessions vary based on the injury or illness, as well as the individual horse.

Vibration Plate

Thera Plate

A horse will stand on a heavy duty vibration plate. The vibrations from the plate promote blood flow to the lower extremities, which can be beneficial in cases of abscess and laminitis, and can reduce muscle fatigue. The vibrations can also have distal effects on the axial skeleton and pelvis by alleviating muscle rigidity and spasm. It can also help conserve a chiropractic adjustment for the same reasons.



Non-invasive treatment of soft tissue and bone ailments. Sound waves are applied to a focused area of injury or instability to promote healing and decrease pain. Treatments are fort and can be safely repeated for added benefit.

Mechanical Massage


Applied to the horses back, it acts like a back massage for humans would. It helps move lactic acid from muscle groups, promotes relaxation, and decreases muscle spasms locally.



Nebulization is the process of administering medication or other solutions in mist form for inhalation. It involves dispersing tiny, aerosolized particles into a nebulizer, which the horse then inhales through a mask. The nebulizer setup includes a CO2 port to release carbon dioxide, a cup to hold the medication or solution, and a component that generates therapeutic mist.

Nebulization has been shown to effectively reduce the need for Lasix, a diuretic used to treat EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage) and bleeding in horses. Nebulization can also treat various equine respiratory conditions like inflammation, mucus buildup, allergies, COPD, pneumonia, and more.

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