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Learn more about the people and products we trust the most. 


Hoof Care and Shoeing

Conor Quish

Donny Brandenburg

(These are the practitioners we trust and rely on, but we are happy to coordinate with yours as well.)


Medical Care

Madonna Morrison DVM

Russell Freeland DVM

Wes Sutter DVM

John Cummins DVM

Core Therapies Logo

CORE Therapies

Therapy Providers

Located in Central Kentucky, CORE Therapies has a diverse client base. Predominantly, they serve prominent thoroughbred breeding stallions, mares & foals, weanlings & yearlings prepping for sales, and racehorses in training. They also work with sport horses of all disciplines.

Their highly specialized therapies make use of the body's natural ability to heal; help horses perform better and help heal or protect them from lameness issues. 
They provide:
- Chiropractic Care
- Acupuncture
- PEMF Therapy
- Laser Therapy
- Electro-Stimulation 

Back on Track Logo

Back on Track

Therapeutic Products

Back on Track manufactures blankets, clothes, and other products that offer joint and body support. They have product lines for humans, horses and dogs.


These products are made from a ceramic textile. It incorporates a ceramic powder  into the fibers, giving the fabric a unique property. It reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

This can relieve stiffness and soothe sore joints or muscles, which in turn assists in post exercise recovery or injury rehabilitation.


CORE Therapies is the official dealer for BOT in the Kentucky area.

Wild Gold Logo

Wild Gold


Wild Gold provides healthy, nutritional supplements for humans, horses, and dogs. 


Made in the USA, Wild Gold oils have a wide range of benefits, from improving skin and hair coat to aiding in digestion and much more. 


Their oils are cold-pressed, high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and a good source of vitamin E as well. They are highly digestible and palatable, and the results speak for themselves.

Young Living Logo

Young Living

Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated herbal compounds extracted from  plants that capture that plant’s scent, flavor, and natural benefits. 


When used topically or diffused into the air, these botanical extracts can be used to promote wellness, relaxation, balance, and some can even be used for chemical-free cleaning.


We choose Young Living for our essential oils because of their rigorous research to back up their unmatched benefits.

Jing Tang Logo

Jing Tang


A large part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the use of herbal supplements.


With many unique and high-quality formulations, Jing Tang Herbals can be used alongside traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments; from high anxiety to body soreness, and more.

Jing Tang Herbals are exclusively distributed through licensed veterinarians. Let's chat about incorporating herbal supplements into your pet's holistic care. 

Inquire here to learn more about any of these products or for a catalog.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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